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Remote Control Accumulator Unit Drilling Koomey Unit Parts In Oil Field

1 set
USD 50000-100000 per set
Remote Control Accumulator Unit Drilling Koomey Unit Parts In Oil Field
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Name: Bop Accumulator Unit
Number Of Controlled Objects: 5
Volume (L): 40×12
Nominal Available Volume (L): 240
Effective Volume Of Oil Reservoir (L): 1000
Usage: Oil Field

Remote Control Accumulator Unit Drilling


Remote Control Koomey Unit Parts


Oil Field Koomey Unit Parts

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hebei Pantu
Certification: API 16D
Model Number: FKQ480-5
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Iron Case
Delivery Time: 7 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5 sets per 3 months
Product Description

Remote Control Bop Accumulator Unit In Oil Field
Bop Accumulator Unit is special equipment, which is used to control Bop, hydraulic chock, kill system and diverter equipment, and indispensable equipment for blowout preventers during drilling or workover in the petroleum and natural gas industry.
Bop Accumulator Unit Parameters



Number of Controlled ObjectsAccumulator SetsEffective Volume of Oil Reservoir (L)Flow Rate of PumpMotor Power (kW)Working Pressure (MPa)
Total Volume


Nominal Available Volume (L)Electric Pump (L/min)Pneumatic Pump (ml/stroke)
1FKQ240-3340×6 120560201651121
3FKQ320-5540×8 160650201651121
5FKQ400-6640×10 200900301651521
7FKQ480-6640×12 2401000301651521
9FKQ640-7740×16 320130040165×218.521
11FKQ800-8840×20 400160040165×218.521
13FKQ960-7780×12 480180040165×318.521
15FKQ1280-8880×16 640200040×2165×318.5×221
17FKQ1280-101080×16 640200040×2165×318.5×221
19FKDQ480-6640×12 2401000301651521
21FKDQ640-7740×16 320130040165×218.521
23FKDQ800-8840×20 400160040165×218.521
25FKDQ960-8880×12 480180040165×318.521
27FKDQ1280-9980×16 640200040×2165×318.5×221
29FKD640-6640×16 320130040165×218.521
31FKD960-8880×12 480180040165×318.521

Bop Accumulator Unit Principle Description
1. The BOP control system is a special hydraulic equipment used to control the BOP and the hydraulic valve to close and open. For matching different types and specifications of the BOP stack and adapting to the requirements of different application environments,Rongsheng designed and manufactured various types of BOP control systems with different structures and specifications.
2. The remote control panel is equipped with two sets of independent pump groups. Electric pumps
pneumatic pumps or manual pumps with different flow rates can be provided. Rongsheng can offer the accumulator with China Star
dard, ASME, or CE mark. FKQ and FKDQ series can be provided with pneumatic-manual or pneumatic motor-driven pressure regulating valves, and the FKD series can be provided with electric-manual pressure regulating valves, to provide stable and reliable operating pressure for the bop. In the FKD series, the 4-way 3-position valve is a driven electromagnet, which adapts to lower ambient temperature and has a faster operation response.
3. The alarm device can be equipped according to the customer's request. It monitors the accumulator pressure, air supply pressure, and liquid level in the hydraulic oil reservoir. When the above parameters exceed the alarm limits, the audible and visual signals will appear immediately.
4. The auxiliary Dillr's panel can be equipped according to the customer's request, which can monitor the remote control panel.FKD and FKDQ seis can provide with wireless control panel, which can be used to remotely operate the BOP in a safe area in case of emergency, further improving the reliability of drilling construction.
5. The system can be equipped with an insulated building, air conditioners, electric heaters, tank heaters, electric heating devices for air hose bundle, a heating device for BOP, etc, to adapt to low temperatures and another special fieldwork environment.

Remote Control Accumulator Unit Drilling Koomey Unit Parts In Oil Field 0
Q: The FKQ series uses a hose bundle to connect the killer's panel with the remote control pane, the dealer operates elements pneumatic rotary valves, the remote control panel uses a cylinder to drive the 4-way 3-position valve, and the series can choose pneumatic-manual o pneumatic motor driven pressure regulating valves,
DQ: The FKDQ series uses a signal cable to connect the teller's panel with the remote control panel, their operating element is a touch screen r l ctic button remote control panel uses a cylinder to drive the 4-way 3-position valve, with pneumatic motor driven pressure regulating valves.
D: The FKD series uses a signal cable to connect the dollar's panel with the remote control panel, throttle operating element is a touch screen o lectic buron remote control panel uses an electromagnet to drive the 4-way 3-position valve, with an electromotor driven pressure regulating valves.
if the customer wants to order an API Spec. 16D control system, and you need to mark the APl monogram on it you need to obtain a form named“configuration and parameters of the bop stacks for over an APl Spec. 16D control system land and surface)” from the Rongsheng sales department. After filing in the detailed led technical parameters, the Rongsheng technical department will carry out the selection calculation.
The optional device:
All series can choose BOP heating units, to heat bop in extremely cold environments, and enable the bop function normally the BOP should have heating too)FKDQ & FKD series can choose a wireless remote control function.

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