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Anti Corrosion splited Wellhead And Christmas Tree API 6A

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Anti Corrosion splited Wellhead And Christmas Tree API 6A
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NAME: Wellhead And Christmas Tree
Bore Size: 2 1/16" - 7 1/16"
Working Pressure: 2000psi - 20000psi
Advantage: Resistance H2S, Anti-corrosion
Standard: API Spec 6A, NACE M0175
Material Grade: AA-HH
Temperature Class: -46~250℃

6A Wellhead Christmas Tree


splited Wellhead Christmas Tree


Anti Corrosion Wellhead Christmas Tree

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jianhu Hongda
Certification: API 6A
Model Number: 2 1/16" - 7 1/16"
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 10-20 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 500 sets per 1 month
Product Description

Production Description:


Wellhead equipment and Christmas tree:


The wellhead and Christmas tree are two important components of an oil or gas well. They are installed at the top of the wellbore and serve different functions in the drilling, production, and well control processes.

  1. Wellhead: The wellhead is the assembly of equipment that is installed at the uppermost part of the well. It provides structural support and serves as a barrier between the wellbore and the surface. The main functions of a wellhead include:

    • Pressure Containment: The wellhead contains and controls the high-pressure fluids and gases that are present in the well. It prevents blowouts and uncontrolled releases of hydrocarbons.
    • Casing Suspension: The wellhead provides a means to hang and support the casing strings that are inserted into the wellbore. It ensures proper alignment and sealing of the casing.
    • Well Control: The wellhead allows for the installation of blowout preventers (BOPs) and other well control equipment to manage well pressure during drilling, completion, and workover operations.
    • Surface Access: The wellhead provides a connection point for various equipment and tools to access the wellbore, including drilling rigs, production tubing, and wireline tools.
  2. Christmas Tree: The Christmas tree, also known as a production tree, is the assembly of valves, fittings, and other equipment that is installed on top of the wellhead. It provides control and access points for the production and flow of hydrocarbons from the well. The main functions of a Christmas tree include:

    • Flow Control: The Christmas tree includes valves that control the flow of oil or gas from the well. These valves can be opened, closed, or adjusted to regulate production rates and manage well pressure.
    • Well Testing: The Christmas tree may have additional connections and equipment to facilitate well testing operations, including the measurement of production volumes, pressure, and other parameters.
    • Safety and Monitoring: The Christmas tree includes pressure gauges, sensors, and control systems to monitor and maintain safe operating conditions. It allows operators to monitor the well's performance and detect any abnormalities or safety concerns.
    • Wellhead Access: The Christmas tree provides access points for maintenance and intervention activities, such as installing or retrieving downhole equipment, performing well interventions, or conducting wellhead maintenance.

Together, the wellhead and Christmas tree form a critical interface between the wellbore and the surface, ensuring safe and controlled drilling, production, and maintenance operations. They are designed to withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures, and corrosive environments encountered in oil and gas wells.


Wellhead equipment and oil (gas) tree equipment are important equipment for oil and gas extraction. Our company's wellhead equipment and Christmas tree equipment are designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with the latest versions of API 6A standard, GB/T22513 specification, and NACE MR-0175 standard. The products mainly consist of four parts: casing head assembly, casing four-way assembly, tubing four-way assembly, and Christmas tree assembly. The company can produce conventional oil (gas) wellhead devices, and can also design and manufacture wellhead devices with special purposes and structures such as oil testing and fracturing according to user requirements.


The wellhead equipment and Christmas tree manufactured by the company have obtained API 6A product certification, special equipment TS certification, and have passed the production capacity assessment of wellhead equipment by Det Norske Veritas. The 15000psi gate valve and safety valve have completed PR2 performance appraisal testing at the National Wellhead Equipment Testing Center.


Rongsheng Company provides wellhead equipment and oil (gas) tree products with complete specifications that meet the requirements of API 6A standards, including a diameter of 2 1/16 in to 7 1/16 in, a working pressure of 2000psi to 15000psi, a temperature range of L to U, material levels of AA to HH, product specification levels of PSL1 to PSL3G, and performance requirements levels of PR1 to PR2.


Split tree structure features: · Cross-shaped split double wing double valve structure is a commonly used structure simple and clear, easy to operate and maintain.

Easy to install;

Single valve composition, can quickly replace the valve;

Two-way design ensures uninterrupted production.

Main technical parameters: Working pressure: 21MPa~105MPa Temperature range: -46℃~121℃(LU) Material level: AA, BB,CC, DD,EE,FF, HH Product specification level: PSL1~PSL3G Performance level :PR1~PR2


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