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High pressure movable elbow, swievel joint 1000psi-2000psi working pressure

1 set
100-1000 USD
High pressure movable elbow, swievel joint 1000psi-2000psi working pressure
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Product Name: Movable Elbow / Swievel Joint
Application: Used For Switching Connections Before Drilling Pipelines
Working Pressure: 2000psi~20000psi

High pressure movable elbow


2000psi swievel joint


2000psi high pressure movable elbow

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hebei Pantu
Certification: API 6A
Model Number: 1-4 inch
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 100 SET per month
Product Description

Production Description:


High pressure movable elbow

The produced movable elbow is a metal pipeline joint equipped with ball bearings, with specifications ranging from 1 "to 4" and a rated working pressure of 14-140MPa (2000psi to 20000psi). It can provide various models of movable elbows and repair kits for use under normal temperature, low temperature, and sulfur-containing gas conditions.


There are two types of flexible elbows: long radius and short radius. Long radius flexible elbows have a smooth diameter, which can reduce the resistance of liquid passing through to *. The fluid has better resistance to erosion and corrosion of the wall thickness at the turning point than short radius. However, sometimes short radius is also used due to limitations in on-site installation space or low pressure.


High pressure swing joint is a key component used to connect high-pressure pipeline systems. It allows pipelines to rotate and move under pressure to reduce stress and torque in the pipeline system, and helps achieve more flexible pipeline layout.
High pressure movable elbows are usually made of high-strength materials and can withstand high pressure and high temperature environments. Their design typically considers the following key factors:
Pressure rating: High pressure movable elbows need to have sufficient pressure rating to meet the working pressure requirements in the pipeline system. This includes selecting appropriate materials and designs to ensure that leaks or failures do not occur in high-pressure environments.
Temperature range: High pressure movable elbows must be able to operate normally in high-temperature environments, as in many applications, pipeline systems need to handle high-temperature fluids or media.
Activity capability: High pressure movable elbows allow pipes to rotate, bend, or move in different directions to meet the layout and operational requirements of the pipeline system. They typically have multiple rotating shafts and seals to ensure that there is no leakage or excessive resistance during movement.
Sealing performance: High pressure movable elbows need to have good sealing performance to ensure no leakage occurs under working pressure. This usually involves appropriate sealing materials and designs to prevent fluid or gas leakage.
High pressure movable elbows are widely used in the petroleum and natural gas industry, chemical industry, energy industry, and other fields that require the treatment of high-pressure fluids or gases. They provide greater flexibility and reliability, enabling pipeline systems to adapt to complex process requirements and operating environments. When selecting and using high-pressure movable elbows, applicable industry standards and safety regulations should be followed, and their compatibility with the requirements and performance of pipeline systems should be ensured.

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